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Hello Blogging!!!

Hello blog world! I am starting this as an outlet for me joy, pain, stress and more all while sharing my life as a mother, lover, coworker, sister, daughter and much more! I am returning to the blog world after a year hiatus! I am ready to jump right in again! More to come…..

Eight is Enough ~Jenn~

Computer Issues!!!!!

Actually, I am not really having computer problems! I am having internet issues….And I can only get connected for fragments of time…..Our wireless is not working and I thought I went around it….WELL, I didn’t! This sucks. I am getting sooooooo frustrated. I have things to do on the computer and my connection doesn’t last very long….I have to keep re-entering the password for the wireless router cause it is telling me that it’s not recognizing the ip address????? I hate being computer-tarded!!!!! Okay now let me get back on the internet so I can post this, cause I can already see that I have lost connection!!!!!

Garage Sales….

Well, had the garage sale today…. What a day! It was cool…UNDER THE SHADE….not on the driveway where everything was!!!! Did okay, considering that I really only went for support. My dufus friend (Gotta love her) didn’t put any signs out. I didn’t realize that or I would bought some before today =-) She did put an ad in the paper, so we had a few people from the ad. People from the neighborhood stopped by and shopped. I did get to talk to a few women about having a Spa Party. So, we’ll see!!!! Now I am just hanging on the couch and watching the tele!!!

2 lonely weeks

My roommate is getting ready to go on vacation to Cuba….I have gotten so used to having someone here that I am not quite sure what I’m gonna do?!?!?!? She leaves Friday before I get home from work…BooHoo!!!!!

It’s gonna be a quite 2 weeks in the house….


In need of serious caffeine or something….The pot of coffee I have drunken so far has not helped and the eyelids are continuing to fall, in fact the only thing holding them up are the bags under my eyes!!!!!

Seriously weak and frustrated….SpaGirl Jenn

Puppy Cure!!!!!

I found my puppy cure!!!!!! I thought I really wanted another puppy!!! ROTFLMAO

After puppy sitting this past weekend and not sleeping more than 4 hours at one time (3 hours last night), I WILL NOT be getting a puppy anytime soon!!!!!

And also crate training is THE ONLY way to go….and the crate cannot be in your room!!!! I didn’t have these problems with my yorkie puppy when she was 8 weeks old, but she was in a crate! We still got up early to go out, but not all night. She would hold it and then we got up at about 5-6am and then she would lay back down on the couch with me.

I am sleep deprived…..I have bags under my eyes….I have a headache!!!!! And honestly I just want to GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There goes my day….. shot in the foot…. two days of NO SLEEP…UGH!!!!!!

No More Kids for Me!!!!

Well, it all starts on a beautiful Friday afternoon. I have the day off. What could possibly go wrong????? I am babysitting my friend’s daughter for the weekend so they can go to Palm Beach and enjoy their anniversary. Hey, no problem….I’ve done it before. The girls play great together. No Hassles, No worries. well turn it back to Wednesday when I get a text from this friend informing she, no wait it was her DH, bought a puppy….And right before they go away for the weekend!!!! Don’t get me wrong….He is the MOST adorable thing you would ever see and unbelievably very good at letting you know when he needs to go outside! BUT and that’s a big but, he does not sleep through the night….without barking and yelping to go outside to use the bathroom!!!!! I felt like I was with a newborn baby last night!!!! I didn’t get a good night’s sleep at all and trust me when I tell you that I need my sleep!!!!!! I felt like a new mom on her first night with the new baby…shocked in how she ACTUALLY does have to get up all night…ROTF!!! The poor thing….at least he did use the bathroom every time we walked ALL the way down the stairs and into the backyard! Or else I may have had a reason to get upset. LOL!!!! Well, we got up at 3am, 5am, 6am and then finally up for good at 7am…then the first little girl arose from bed and my DD (being well trained and all…LOL) did not crawl out of bed until 8:30 because her friend woke her =-) Needless to say I have been dragging ALL day and cannot wait until bed time….kinda…LOL 😉

Update on Me =-)

Sunday, I had a great, but loooong day!!!! Our church a starting The 40 days of Purpose campaign and this last Sunday was the first of the Sunday Sermons. It was an awesome service with great music!!!!

Right after the church service ended I had to rush to the other side of town to meet my daughter and her daddy at the bowling alley for a birthday party. It’s one of my really good friend’s daughter, who happens to be my daughter’s best friend!!!! We had a really great family afternoon of bowling. The kids had a blast!!!!

After the party ended, I went to my parents house. My dad fixed my tire….from the lovely nail…sitting on the road…that I seemed to be lucky enough to find =-) Yippee!!! Well, atleast I am not driving around on that spare anymore…LOL

I left from my parents and went straight to my Home group that meets every Sunday…which I have been really bad about going to, but now that we are reading this book….I have made a commitment to myself to be there EVERY Sunday!!!! I was there 3 hours…It was great. Nice hanging out with people you just get along with….Know what I mean???? I feel so lucky to have found the church that I have started going to in the last 1-2 months. I really, truly feel welcome….even more so than at the actual church I still “belong” to….

On top of my BUSY day and then the last two busy days back to work, I having been studying hard for my first “official” BeautiControl party. I know I went to school to be an Esthetician and all but I am still nervous and when you work with people in that setting you are doing 1-on-1 skin care…Now I am going to be doing group setting and going to get to talk in front of a group of people…..Send good vibes/thoughts/prays my way….PURTY PEAZ =-) The party is Thursday and even though I am nervous I am really excited too!!!!! I will let you guys know how it goes =-)

Till then…. Jenn

"Working" All Day….

Well, I stayed up way to late last night playing on computer. Therefore, I slept in today. The kids daddy is getting ready to go out of town for two weeks so they are with him this weekend!! I have had a pretty productive day considering a slept till noon!!!! I have finished my laundry and have all but the load that is in the dryer put away. I did the dishes and organized the tupperware cabinet in the kitchen. I have packed almost all of my BeautiControl orders up.

Although….I still have organize some of my BC stuff for my spa party coming up on the 11th. I want to organize my products and some of the papers I have for BC.

I would like to dust, sweep and mop the floors and vacuum my bedroom.

Okay, I just realized that I do still have a lot to do and my day tomorrow is filled to the max with church at 11, birthday party at 1 and home group at 5….. OyVay!!!!! LOL

Till later……

Okay for those of you that don’t know me…..

I am a single mother of two beautiful children! They are the loves of my life!!!! I work at a doctor’s office during the day and I am Spa Consultant by night. I love my jobs, although some days my day job just wears me out and I want to go home and relax! I live in the same town I have grown up in, about 5 minutes from where I graduated high school. My parents live about 15 minutes away from and all of my grandparents except one live within a 1 hr radius of me. Actually most of my family does live in Florida. That’s one of the things keeping me here. It’s hard when you want to get out of here….but the idea of leaving everything/everyone you have ever known is a bit scary!!!!!

I live with an amazing roommate, whom I met originally through my daughters preschool. We have become great friends and I don’t know what I would do without her. Life has had many ups and downs for me and I try to keep a positive outlook, but I admit that some days it can be hard.

I try to go to church on Sundays, but don’t beat myself up if I miss a day. I believe that we can all praise and worship God in our own way and we should do it everyday, not just on Sundays.

I have shared custody with my ex-husband and during the school year they stay the week with him (he lives in the best school zone and also works from). We are all still a family and do things together still. Although my youngest still wonders why we just can’t all live together, we try to make the best out of the situation for her. It’s hard not having them here with me everyday, but I can’t do that to them…My youngest would have to go to before and after school and there would not be anyone home to make sure my high schooler got off to school (They changed high school hours in our area this year and he starts school at 9 something). My ex-husband works from home and he is there to take them to school and he is there when they get home and as a mom I KNOW that is the best for them right now. That is another reason I started with BeautiControl…in the hopes to become more financially secure and then finding a job with more flexible hours is an option. We both agree that once that happens, they can live where they want to… I know GOD will make that happen in his time. I believe that!!!

I am not dating and honestly am not interested in it right now. I did date someone for a long time after my husband and I divorced. Well, things didn’t work out and he, well, was very immature and I needed more that that!!!!! I would rather be by myself than deal with an overly immature man.

I do have some medical issues, which caused the above (man…LOL) to have issues. I suffer from complicated migraines. They have been well controlled once I started a daily prophylaxis medication. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but it is not an issue I feel. I ache sometimes…depends on what I do that day. I take each day as it comes and I try not to be negative cause that only makes you feel worse.

Just a tip of the iceberg….. LOL

Till later…. Jenn