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Sleep, what is that???

I have this beautiful, amazing little man and he is 1yr old….AND he still wakes up at least once a night for a bottle. He slept through the night for about a week and that was it!!!! I tried the whole let him cry and go back to sleep…but it is too hard to sit there and listen to him pout his way back to sleep! He eats good during the day so I really don’t think it is affecting his appetite…but mommy needs sleep! 4:30am comes very quickly and I definitely do not fall right back to sleep after getting up with him…I am so exhausted. I think I felt more rested when he was a baby and still sleeping in my room, nursing every 2hrs!!! Go figure…lol! Any suggestions that might have worked for other mommies????

Sleep is GOOD!!!!

I got finished with baby/puppy sitting yesterday at almost 3pm and my DD and I drove home (very carefully, I must add). On the way, I asked her to think of a movie she wanted to watch….that’s code for Mommy needs a nap!!!!! She picked out a movie and I laid down and she sat of the floor next to me and watched the movie while I napped!!!!! Although it was quite uninterrupted sleep….it was sleep!!!!!! Then by 9pm I crashed hard!!!!! Until this morning when I had to get up for work!!!!!!! Not sure about the whole puppy thing again though!!!!! LOL