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Enough of this!!!

My step daughter had yet ANOTHER school project to do this weekend…after one last weekend. I swear every time we turn around her teacher assigns another project. And quite frankly they end up being “daddy” or “step-mommy” projects. It’s more work for us and really what does she learn from us doing a bunch of work and then signing her name! When I was growing up, I don’t remember my mother or father doing my projects FOR me…but some of this stuff is so hard that you wonder “how in the world could she do this on her own???” English is not her first language, and while she does speak very well, but sometimes I really think it holds her back . Her mother does not speak English so at home with mom it’s all Spanish. Her mother does not and seems to not be willing to help with school work (even when the directions are in English and Spanish) and it’s aggravating that we (Dad and Step mom) find out about them at the last moment. Who knows why…She is 9 and I am sure she forgets but as I mother I can’t even imagine being so uninvolved and seem not to care about my childs education. She expects dad to swoop in and be there at the drop of a hat. Some of these projects take time and preparation is needs, supplies need to be bought. UGH! Maybe oneday with will get better….but damn…ENOUGH OF THIS! Tomorrow I will pick them up from school and do what we can for the project….and probably will get a new one to boot….till tomorrow!!!

Eight is Enough ~Jenn~