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I now remember why moving is NO FUN at all!!!!! I feel like I am being swallowed up by boxes in my tiny room…. There is no more room for ANYTHING….Not even to walk to around!!!! LOL….No, I am really serious!!! I am not quite sure what I have got myself into! And it’s not like I can just start moving the boxes there….It’s a 2hr drive! I am going for Valentine’s weekend, so I will pack my lil car as full as I can get it!!! It’s gonna be quite the lil trip! I will move more down the weekend of the 20th and stay there at that point. We will both drive down on the last weekend of February to get the rest…hopefully it all fits!!!! We are going to borrow a truck and drive the truck and my car up here that last weekend… Oh, these are the moments when I wonder….What in the world did I get myself into…..I HATE moving!!!!!