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So, there is this policy at my job that if you are out from work for ANY reason and do not have enough sick time to cover the amount of time you were out, then you get disciplinary action. First a verbal warning, then written and three strikes your terminated!!!! So back in December I was having some increased pain in my left shoulder and my ortho doc gave me corticosteroid injections in my shoulder and then put me out of work for 2 days. I only have enough PTO to cover 1 1/2 days so when I returned to work I got my verbal warning. I thought….Wow this place really sucks. What if I am okay with the fact that I lost my pay…It didn’t matter what I thought. It didn’t matter that my doctor put me out of work and I had the supporting documentation. Nothing mattered excpet that I broke the OHC law!!!!! So time went on…Everything was okay….UNTIL I got sick!!!!! I was home sick with a headache, fever, the works….yesterday! And, mind you….I had the correct amount of PTO in my PTO bank…per the policy states that we must have!!!!! And when I went into the office, there was no hope you are feeling better. Nah, none of that. I broke the law and I must be punished. I sumoned up to the CEO’s office to be reminded that I had received a warning and that because I was out on Tuesday I am now getting my formal written warning and that if I miss ONE more day in the next year I will be terminated immediately. Guess I better not get sick or anything…. She actually let me know that she could have terminated me but she was “doing me a favor”. Thanks a lot for that one….boss lady!!!!! I feel secure in my job NOW!!!! LOL So I was told by another supervisor that even if I am vomitting all the way to work, as long as they are the ones to send me and I have enough PTO then I should be okay….Oh boy, that makes me feel great!!!!! I need a new job!!!!!!!!!!