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Run, Don’t Walk…

Do you ever come home from work and wish you could walk, no run, right back to work! After a weekend of having two of the step-kids, I came home Sunday to a disaster!!!! At the door I am greeted with shoes and shoes and more shoes! Then the living room…toys everywhere and a very sleepy man on the couch. I am greeted by an eager one year old…rushing to his mommy to be picked up and loved on! He is in his PJ’s and appears to be well fed 😉 Next I go into the bathroom to make sure the kids fed the cat….OMG is all I could say (plus a few choice curse words under my breath). One would imagine that both children showered with the curtain open, water and more water lay on the floor, ready to be mopped up by the mom!! And we won’t even discuss the toilet…but anyone that had boys knows what I mean! I come out of the bathroom and turn the corner, heading to the kitchen…And joy overwhelmed my body! Dinner is waiting for me on the counter and the dishes were done!!! Needless to say I was so glad that the last room I entered, before I went to the bedroom to change, was the best room! It made my night! My guy might not have the house spotless when I get home, but the kids are always taken care of, dinner is always done and most days the sink is emptied and the dishwasher loaded! So, all in all I was happy to be home from work 😀

Enough of this!!!

My step daughter had yet ANOTHER school project to do this weekend…after one last weekend. I swear every time we turn around her teacher assigns another project. And quite frankly they end up being “daddy” or “step-mommy” projects. It’s more work for us and really what does she learn from us doing a bunch of work and then signing her name! When I was growing up, I don’t remember my mother or father doing my projects FOR me…but some of this stuff is so hard that you wonder “how in the world could she do this on her own???” English is not her first language, and while she does speak very well, but sometimes I really think it holds her back . Her mother does not speak English so at home with mom it’s all Spanish. Her mother does not and seems to not be willing to help with school work (even when the directions are in English and Spanish) and it’s aggravating that we (Dad and Step mom) find out about them at the last moment. Who knows why…She is 9 and I am sure she forgets but as I mother I can’t even imagine being so uninvolved and seem not to care about my childs education. She expects dad to swoop in and be there at the drop of a hat. Some of these projects take time and preparation is needs, supplies need to be bought. UGH! Maybe oneday with will get better….but damn…ENOUGH OF THIS! Tomorrow I will pick them up from school and do what we can for the project….and probably will get a new one to boot….till tomorrow!!!

Eight is Enough ~Jenn~

You mean I will have FIVE brothers!!!!!!

Alexis is just so darn cute some times…Now don’t get me wrong (Mary) she is a sassy mouth, attitude filled 8-yr old a lot of the times…LOL!!!! We have been talking about the move to West Palm Beach and how she will share her time with her mom and dad… and we have also talked a lot about the blending of our large family!!!!! I guess it didn’t dawn on her until tonight that she was going to be seriously out-numbered in our blended family!!!! She told me tonight….What you mean I will have 5 brothers….That’s a lot of boys for two girls mom!!!!! So, the two girls in the family won’t have a chance against their 5 brothers….LOL My mother grew up with 3 older brothers and oh boy do they have stories to tell of how they tortured her…. They are all in their 50’s now and they still remind everyone about the stories of torture at family gathers….lol!!!! It’s going to be fun, interesting and a learning experience for ALL involved =-)

Looking forward to all those little, big, funny and everything in between moments with all the kids!!!!!!

It’s FINAL!!!!

On Monday, I made the final decision, that I have been thinking about for a while, to move to West Palm Beach! I am moving there at the end of this month!!!!! I put in my notice at work and I am making the move. I told my bosses at the church. I told my roommate, which was the hardest of all to do!!!!! Everything feels right, the kids are excited, I am excited! I can’t help but think that this is what is meant to be…everything inside of me feels like I am making the right decision. I have been praying for guidance on this whole decision. It is a big move for me…A big change for the whole family…his and mine!!!!! We are setting out to beat the Brady Bunch…LOL!!! No, not really!!! More to come!!!!!!