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My baby is 16 today!!!!!

I can’t believe that my son was born 16 years and 4 hours ago!!!!!!! Wow…. The time sure does go by fast!!! Savor the time while you have it!!!

Strolling down memory lane:

Oh the pregnancy, what a pain. I had a really hard pregnancy and it didn’t stop at that!!!! I had a hard delivery with a lot of tearing… As he got older, I told him that he was a pain in the butt from day 1…LOL!!! I thought I was going to be in for a real roller coaster ride with the way things we going up to the birth… He was THE BEST baby I have come across, so far! He slept well, ate well, NEVER threw up (that’s a big deal to me…I have seen some babies that regurgitate EVERYTHING they eat and I feared for this!!!) I could take him anywhere…He was just such a pleasant baby. I didn’t know what I did to deserve this…LOL!!!

Now, we sure did have some fun times as he got older….Whew! I remember when he was 2 and he decided that he liked to play with his poo. You got it, he played in his diaper if you did not catch the dirty diaper within a minute of it happening! And yes, he would cover himself in it…. I honestly can’t wait to tell his future wife the stories of these good ‘ole days!!!!

His elementary years…That was sure a fun ride! He was soooo intelligent, yet a clown. He didn’t like to listen…AT ALL!!!! He used to come home and tell us that he already knew what she was talking about so he decided that he wasn’t gonna pay attention! We tried everything…He was always getting into trouble at school….UGH!!!! We fought with the school trying to get him into gifted and they would tell us that if he wouldn’t listen in regular class that they would never consider him for the gifted program?!?!?!? It didn’t matter that he wasn’t listening because he knew what they were talking about and it just wasn’t interesting anymore…. Talk about a vicious cycle!!!!

Now in middle school….A teacher finally saw through all him troubles and recommended him for gifted. He did all the testing that was required…What a lot of testing!!!!!!! He scored in the top 2% of the UNITED STATES with his I.Q.! Wow….We sure did have an intelligent child…but he was not very smart at all. His dad and I came to the conclusion that he lacked ANY common sense!!!! LOL!!! But, I am serious!!! He started acting up…and was getting in a lot of fights and just some stupid child-like stuff…It was frustrating to say the very least!!!! I didn’t think we would make it through the beginning of his teenage years!!!!

Now in high school….He finally got most of his act together 😉 His is on the wrestling team, weight lifting team and does most of his school work…LOL!!! He is in advanced/gifted and some AP classes! He still struggles with the common sense issue….LOL!!! After working with so many different people at the hospitals, that when you have book smarts, you don’t always have a lot of common sense…LOL!!! Some of the better nurses struggles through the book work but have got common sense, do far more better in the work!!!!

My baby is amazing. He is a good boy…though he does get wrapped up in his little girlfriends…hehe! He listens to his parents for the most part and is very respectable! I love my little man and he makes me proud EVERYDAY!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ian Mackenzie….You are so special to me and nothing will ever change that!!!!!!