Driving by Braille!

So there is one thing that I forgot in my 100 things. I drive by braille…I like to reach out and touch people! I seem to be prone to car accidents. It’s like somebody installed a large magnet in my truck and under my hood! It all started within a few months of getting my first car. And it continued REGULARLY until about 3 years ago…Woohoo the insurance is getting ready to go down!!!!! I am so happy that they don’t consider ALL your diving history for insurance or else I wouldn’t be able to drive anymore! I am proud to say that I have gone 3 years (well on 12-02 it will be 3 years) without any car accidents or speeding tickets!

Well after all that is said, I suffer from neck and back problems due to my previous driving by braille incidents. And having my latest baby has made it worse also.I have had all sorts of treatments….Acupuncture, Massage, TENS, Chiropractic treatments,  PT and so much more!

So yesterday I had the day off and got so much done around the house…lots of organizing!!! In between all that I was carrying a grumpy little man around the house. Today I woke up with a sore back and by 12pm today I had officially thrown it out of whack! I could barely walk…I made it to the drug store to buy meds, patches and creams!

I am officially out of commission…if only the baby would cooperate! Why is it that when mommy doesn’t feel good the children always seem to be at their neediest!!!! Aiden has cried for me to hold him all day! I know he is teething…but I swear it is at it’s worst today…of all days!

Hoping for some good thoughts and prayers to be sent my way!!!

Eight is Enough~Jenn~


You are CANCELED!!!!!!!!!

I am so thankful to have my job! And I like my job…most days! I love it when it is so busy that your head is in a perpetual spin! Maybe that’s I can function as a mother of eight…lol! BUT I LOVE it when I get that 5am call to be canceled! Especially because our unit has been particularly slow for the time of year…I keep telling the cardiologists to go over to McDonald’s and get us some new customers…but nothing…LMAO

So instead of being at my job today…I will be home with my lil man and get to actually clean after a full day of organizing yesterday! WooHoo!!!!

I love my jobs!!!!

Sleep, what is that???

I have this beautiful, amazing little man and he is 1yr old….AND he still wakes up at least once a night for a bottle. He slept through the night for about a week and that was it!!!! I tried the whole let him cry and go back to sleep…but it is too hard to sit there and listen to him pout his way back to sleep! He eats good during the day so I really don’t think it is affecting his appetite…but mommy needs sleep! 4:30am comes very quickly and I definitely do not fall right back to sleep after getting up with him…I am so exhausted. I think I felt more rested when he was a baby and still sleeping in my room, nursing every 2hrs!!! Go figure…lol! Any suggestions that might have worked for other mommies????

Nice to meet you!!

Hello, my name is Jennifer! I have tried to blog before in the past but ended up just letting it die off. I wanted an outlet for my thoughts…cause they are clogging up my mind….So I am back and found out that I can use my blackberry (easily) with word press….so here goes!

I am a 35 year old woman. My boyfriend and I recently re-united after 20 years and found ourselves expecting a beautiful baby boy! I previously had 2 other children with my ex and he has 5 from his previous relationships! We were definitely not expecting or trying to add another baby to our mix of children…but God had other plans!!! So now we are definitely one big happy family, although most days (at least weekdays) it is just me, my man and our baby! My older 2 live with their father and his other 5 live with their mothers too!

I work in the medical field and love it! I want to finish school for Nursing….all in time! But for now I will continue to sit and watch the 4 t.v. monitors for 12 hours. I monitor and interpret cardiac rhythms all day! I also recently signed up to sell Avon and Thirty-One Gifts!!! I love both companies and so far they have not got in the way of each other! The only problem I have with them is I spend too much money buying myself stuff….lol!!!!

I have lived in South Florida for the last 2 years. I moved from Orlando where I lived for all my life with the exception of 4 years!!! I love South Florida and will probably be staying here. I do miss my family and friends so much! I get to go back and visit as often as possible!

I am an open book!!! Ask me what you want to know =D

Hello Blogging!!!

Hello blog world! I am starting this as an outlet for me joy, pain, stress and more all while sharing my life as a mother, lover, coworker, sister, daughter and much more! I am returning to the blog world after a year hiatus! I am ready to jump right in again! More to come…..

Eight is Enough ~Jenn~

Luck or Divine Intervention?!?!?!?

Thanks MamaKat for the assignment and I chose to accept it! I know it’s the end of the day, but better late than never…LOL

I had a hard time thinking of something good to write and this was the only story that kept popping into my little head…LOL

I am still pregnant. It’s a beautiful day in South Florida. I run *I mean DRIVE* to the Publix that is down the street. No big deal. I can handle this…LOL! Did I mention that at this point severe pregnancy brain has set in and I probably should not be driving anymore!!! I get there safe and even make it through the grocery store unscathed. I load up the car and start my voyage home. I stop at the FIRST stop sign as the law AND common sense would tell you to do! And then I just keep driving…not paying attention to the rest of the stop signs in the parking lot! All of a sudden there is this woman honking at me and who knows what she is saying in her car. I am thankful that I couldn’t hear her. I thought to myself…what is this crazy woman’s problem??? I didn’t do anything wrong. I continued on my drive and then as I am looking in the rear view mirror and realize that I *yes ME* ran the stop sign. I felt horrible and then so relieved that I did not get t-boned by the car that I ran in front of… Some people might call this luck…but in my case (if you only knew my history…LOL) this is truly divine intervention. I had one insurance representative tell me that I like to drive by brail….LMBO…but it was very true! In one year I got into 3 car accidents…I thought they were going to take away my driver’s license and as much as I didn’t want that to happen, apparently I shouldn’t be out on the roads….I t has been almost 3 years since my last car accident and I am so grateful that I had a little divine intervention come and save me on this outing to Publix!!!!

Awww…..To be a child again!!!!

Awww, to be a child again! This is my son, daughter and their step brothers. They decided that it would be fun to see how high they could swing and then how far they could jump!!! I sat on the sidelines taking pictures…trying to catch them in mid-air!!!!

LMBO….I love it!!!!

Angel from upstairs…

I rushed around the house this morning trying to get ready for work and get out the door on time. I kept forgetting things…I think I ran back in the house 3 different times this morning! All while lil Aiden, strapped in his car seat, waited in the car. I finally get it all and it’s 6:15….I usually leave at 6am on the dot! I attempt to start the car one time, two times and three…It won’t start. And Rafael left for work at 5am, UGH!!!! What was I supposed to do. I sat with him on the phone trying to mimic the noise that the car was making….I suck at this. How come a guy can replicate it no problem….but when I try, HA! Back to the story….. I finally give up and call my job at 6:20 and tell them that as of right now I would not be there…unless a miracle came and my car started. I continued to try some more….NO LUCK! All of a sudden my upstairs neighbor is outside my car door. I open it up and she hands me a paper with her number and then her car keys. I couldn’t believe it…I don’t even know her that well, all just in passing. She insisted that I take her car to get to work. I couldn’t believe that someone would do something like that…Would I if the situation was reversed and I had 2 cars also???? I wondered! I quickly called my job back to make sure I could still come in and they said Yes…WooHoo!!!! I transferred everything to her car and went on my way. I am so grateful for having a neighbor that cares. I felt so blessed!!!! I am so blessed!!!!!

Today, I am thankful for….

I having been finding myself being very ungrateful for the things that I do have in my life lately. It’s time to realize that I do have a lot to be grateful for and in the hopes of getting my blog going again, I have designated Tuesdays as my Thankful Tuesdays. I am going to write about something that I am grateful for in my life!!!

Today I am grateful for Advil. Not what you might think that I would be talking about on here….LOL!! When I was pregnant I started having severe sciatica pain…it was a total pain in the rear…LITERALLY! I thought, no big deal I had this same problem with my other two pregnancies. But, oh how I had to go out with a bang!!!! This time was different. I was getting severe pain in my “tail bone” area, my right hip and down my right leg all the way into the back of my heal. I had a really hard time walking, sitting, sleeping, you name it!!!! I thought this would all be gone when Aiden was born….cause that’s how it happened after my other pregnancies! NOPE! I was sadly mistaken. The pain in my tailbone and hip has persisted and are driving me nuts. I couldn’t take Advil while I was pregnant, but I can have it now and I am so grateful for my Advil! It is my friend and I use it daily….LOL!!! Still hoping that the pain will go away soon, but until then I will take my friend Advil!!!!

The key to happiness?!?!?!?

Someone once told me that in order to be happy we have to learn to adapt to everyone’s differences. I understand that everyone is different and we will all not always agree with each other. But what if that difference is more than just how you cook your ramen noodles. What if it is something much deeper than that. Do we have to put aside our beliefs in order to “be happy” with the one we love? How do you make a difference in someone’s life without trying to “change” them? I know from past experience that you cannot change a person, that it must come from within themselves. I am so confused!