My 100 Things

1. I wholeheartedly believe that Jesus Christ is my savior and died for my sins!
2. I have a 17yr old son, a 10yr old daughter and a 1yr old son!!!
3. I am a Tele Servies Tech on a Step down unit.
4. My favorite colors are blue and green.
5. I am an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts!! And I love it!!!!
6. I have 2 younger brothers and they are both 1ft taller than me!!
7. I am an admitted Facebook junky!!!
8. I LOVE my blackberry!
9. I was adopted by my “step-dad” when I was 5 and happy to call him my daddy!!
10. My favorite food is med-rare steak and sushi is a close second!!!
11. I have had 5 surgeries in my lifetime….2 of them on the same shoulder!!!
12. I lived in Orlando, FL for most of my life!!!
13. I moved to South Florida almost 2 years ago and love it….but I still do miss my friends and family in Orlando!
14. I proudly sell Avon!
15. I have a new addiction to buying watches!!!
16. I have a bilingual baby.
17. I love me some Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning!!!!
18. I am hoping to go back to school (very soon) for Nursing, God willing!!
19. I love buying purses and bags and need a walk-in closet just for my bags!!!
20. I have worked in a medical setting for almost my entire adult life.
21. I went to school to be a Facial Specialist and worked in a Dermatology office doing facials!!
22. I have 5 step children that I love dearly…they range in age from 17 to 6yrs old.
23. I love buying pens and office supplies., even when I don’t need them!
24. My favorite soda is Diet Mountain Dew!!!
25. I love cruising for vacation!
26. I have visited 3 other Countries besides the USA.
27. I am not a morning person.
28. I re-united with my first puppy love after 20 years!!
29. I have lived in a total of 4 states in my life but in Florida only sine the age of ten.
30. I am not very computer literate.
31. I tried to blog once before and just didn’t keep up…I back!
32. I have flown across the US in a 4-seater plane.
33. My favorite job so far has been Medical Assisting in a Dermatology office.
34. I had my first baby at age 17.
35. I had my last baby at 34 years old.
36. I am a Saggitarius!!!
37. I am very close with my mother and talk to her daily!
38. I have been a bridesmaid twice.
39. My baby’s birthday is 4 days before mine! He was the ultimate birthday present.
40. I listen to almost every kind of music….depends on my mood at the moment!
41. I met my boyfriend when we were 12 years old!
42. My favorite singer is Aaron Lewis from Staind.
43. I have been to only seven concerts in my life.
44. I do not like to exercise!!!!!
45. I graduated high school in 1993.
46. The most beautiful state I have been to is Colorado!!!
47. I love card games and board games….
48. I love my Wii!
49. I am a Gator’s fan!!!
50. I don’t play any sports….except via my Wii…lol!
51. I like to read, when I find time!
52. I want to read the The Twillight Series….I have watched all the movies so far!!!
53. I have hazel green eyes!
54. I do read the Bible everyday.
55. I have a lead foot….the need for speed!!!
56. I thrive in chaos and panic in a messy house!
57. My favorite movies, that I can watch over and over again, are Pearl Harbor and Serendipity.
58. I have one pet…a loving (to me) Siamese kitty named Sabby!!!
59. I use my blackberry more than I actually use my laptop!
60. I love motorcycles…but wish other drivers were more careful when they share the road!!!
61. I interpret Cardiac Arrythmia’s for a living!!!
62. I am only 5-ft tall!
63. I want to learn how to speak Spanish!
64. I make a mean dish of arroz con gandules!!
65. I have 2 tattoos and want 1 more!!!
66. I will get plastic surgery one day!!!
67. I was born with dark brown hair, then turned blonde….only to turn brown as an adult!
68. I love to ride roller coasters!!!!!!!!
69. I love going to Seaworld!!
70. I would rather text than talk on the phone.
71. I want to get married ONE more time! I will not get another divorce!!!!!!!
72. I like to listen to church via podcast when I can.
73. I shop too much!
74. I need glasses but don’t like to wear them….
75. If you are ever looking for Icy Hot, then I am your girl!
76. I wish I could afford to be a stay at home mother!!!
77. Scented lotions and body sprays are the bomb!!!
78. I have a ton of candles but hardly ever burn them….
79. I like to cook and try new foods.
80. I was a girl scout as a little girl.
81. I have been in way too many fender bender car accidents in my life and one major car accident!
82. My mom, brother and me all look just alike!
83. I wore braces as a child and as an adult too!
84. I want to work as a cardiac nurse when I grow up!
85. I love crocs….only for work though!
86. I like to wear socks with funky colors and patterns to work!!!
87. I cannot dance!
88. I collect Precious Moments.
89. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.
90. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. 91. I can’t live without my DVR!!
92. My favorite candy is Hot Tamales and Tootsie Rolls!!!
93. I am a recovering Farmville addict…lol
94. I want to get a Dachscund puppy one day!
95. I grew up with chow chow’s and love them…so loyal and protective pets!
96. I prefer to watch movies on my couch with my own surround system…snuggling with my man!
97. I have blonde moments all day long!!!
98. I have owned 8 car in my driving lifetime of 17 years so far…
99. I am a junk food junkie.
100. I like to try and stay very organized…doesn’t always happen though!!!

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