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Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Aiden James

This is my wonderful, amazing, smart Aiden James. Otherwise known as lil man in our house! He is the baby of 8 children and he loves it! He loves when all his brothers and sisters are here to spoil him. Yes, he is spoiled. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do with the baby?!?!?! Actually his brothers and sisters have done the spoiling. He loves all of their attention and so far they are all happy to give it to him. I am sure that will change as they get older.

He was born 8 days before Thanksgiving last year, 9 days early. He couldn’t wait to come into this world and be a part of a big, happy blended family. I was induced with him and while the labor process was long and tedious, once he decided he was ready the doctor hardly had time to put on his gloves to catch him. That has been part of his personality from day one. Always in a hurry to get things done and always before the “expected” time.  He started to sit up earlier and then started walking on the furniture at 7mths, walking by himself at 10mths (which I thought would have been sooner) and know has a pretty big vocabulary at 1yrs old! He is bilingual and understands both English and Spanish and speaks in both! I am amazed every time I spend time with him. He is a sponge, taking in ALL that is around him!

Aiden loves to play on mommy’s bed..he crawls around it, laughing and smiling the whole time. He got this warm and fuzzy blanket for his birthday and he loves it! His oldest brother and my might as well be daughter made it for him for his birthday. Did I mention that he loves fuzzy blankets. He rubs his face all over them, all the while with the biggest smile on his face. He can’t get enough of his fuzzy blankets and is over joyed when he finds one somewhere in the house (We have them scattered in different places for him to find).

The other day I put him and his blankie on my bed and this is the result…One super happy and excited lil man. His smile alone tells it all!!!!

I can’t imagine what our life would have been like without this precious baby…He completes our family and though some days it is hard with 8 kids…just to see him smile makes all the struggles worth it! Mommy and Daddy loves you Aiden James!!!