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It’s Jury Duty for you Ms. Thang…

The courthouse I spent my day at...

It all started a couple weeks ago..My day started fine, went well throughout the day UNTIL I checked my mail! WTH?!?!?! I had been summoned to serve as a juror! I have been “eligible” for this for the last 17 years…but NEVER been called to this duty before now! What I move to a new county and they are on the ball! I grew up in the same county since I was 10 and didn’t leave there till almost 2 years ago!

I woke up at 6:30am…wanted to leave my house at 7am…NOT! This was not going to happen and to make matters worse…It was 38 degrees outside AND I live in SOUTH FLORIDA…This is NOT supposed to happen! What the heck was I going to wear…I do not have “real” winter clothes and I DEFINITELY do not have a real winter coat…Usually it’s a long sleeve and maybe a hoody at best! So I scamper around my room and find a sweater and some pants I can wear….WAIT I need closed-toe shoes! Like I said I live in South Florida…I own flip flops and then tennis shoes…but they aren’t going to go with the business attire I am to wear! Okay got my “interview” shoes on…I’m ready to head out the door! I was immediately slapped in the face with the frigid wind! Run, not walk back into the house and dig for something I can wear as a jacket! Got it, got my book, got my lunch, got the baby…I was good to go to sit in a room and read all day!

I dropped the baby off and headed to the courthouse! I found it (cause I wasn’t really sure where the place even was!), parked my car and proceeded to find my way to the juror area! I finally got checked in and don’t remember much after that…I was so sleepy and hadn’t had my coffee yet! So about an hour and a half after I was sitting in my chair, I heard my name get called! Time to do my duty…lol!

The view from the 11th floor of the courthouse!

So in the elevator we go up…11 floors! Most of the day we were in the court room, not enjoying the beautiful view! I made it through 2 cuts and was starting to get really nervous! At 4:30pm I was released of my duty!!!!!!!!!!!

That makes something to be very grateful for on this coooooooooold Tuesday! I am ever so grateful that I was not picked to be on the jury. I was happy to participate and even happier to find out that they will not call me back for at least another year….WOOHOO!!!!! That’s right…let me say it again WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Time to go warm up!


Wordless Wednesday

Meet Blackie, the wild kitty!!!!!

Is he using the potty?

Maybe he is thristy?

Is he fishing????

NOPE, He is preparing to take a bath in the toilet!!!!

Yes, my cat loves to hop on the toilet after it is flushed…It’s too bad that I didn’t have a camera or hands that move a lightening speed when my cat misjudged his landing and FELL right into the commode!!! It was priceless…My other cat keep looking at Blackie and then back at the toilet…like he was trying to figure out what the heck was going on!!!! LOL

I love my kitty cats!!!!

Gonna have to figure out…..

Okay, I am so going to have figure out how to blog via my blackberry.

I had a busy weekend…Starting on Friday!!!!

Off to Orlando AGAIN!!!!! I think I go back there more than I used to travel here to see my man. So much of my life is still there….good thing I don’t mind the drive….all 2 to 2 1/2 hours of it….LOL

Friday night I went to one of my really good friends house and we had a GNO (girls’ night out!!!!!) We had dinner at her house and then got ready to go out…just like we used to when we were 21 and would go out ever weekend…(those were the days…LOL) Off to The Vue we go (the ONLY night club in the small town where she lives outside of Orlando)! Oh and boy did we have fun! It was one of her friends birthday’s and a bunch of women met there for drinks, more drinks and a lot of dancing!!!!!!


We ended the night with our tradition 2am meal….McDonald’s =-) We laughed and giggled like we were kids again…but only our kids were at home sleeping and even though we didn’t go to bed till close to 3am….7am was going to start out day no matter what!!!!! Needless to say, GNO does not happen very often AT ALL!!!!!

Saturday, the kids got up at 8am!!!!!! Whew, what a morning! I actually didn’t feel too bad!!!!! I bottle of water and 2 Advil before bed….Cured the Hangover definitely!!!!!!!

Off to Pig on the Pond!!!! What’s that you ask???? It’s this fair (very small due to being in very small town) held in Clermont, FL once a year. It’s on the lake (I guess that’s why the name!) and I wasn’t sure where they got the “Pig” in the title…..UNTIL we got in there and saw the pig races! Yes, You read correctly!!!! Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig races…..Can you say that we were in Po-dunk-ville =-)



It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

We had a good day, hot but good day! The kids enjoyed themselves =-)


Yesterday……I visiting with my mom and then off on the road again!!!! I had a BBQ to get to in West Palm by 3pm!!!!! We had a good time…Lots of food, drinks (not by me!!!!) and dancing!!!

Sorry for the babbling…..Thanks for reading!!!!


Here are some of the pictures from the night at the club with friends…

The Vue

My Family