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Bye, Bye weekends!

My weekends are now filled with work, work and more work! Who wants that….NOT me!

Going back to last month….

We have been struggling financially since being out of work for my shoulder surgery and even though I am back to work full time, it’s been a uphill battle trying to catch up! I was contemplating trying to get a second job (I only work 3 days a week at my current job). I got the nerve up to ask one of the physicians that comes to my hospital if they were hiring. He informed me that he would look into. I was sooooo excited! I went right home to update my resume and get it all ready! The next day he came and picked up my resume and personally walked it over to his office!!!! Now the waiting games begin… I finally hear from them and get my interview all set up! The interview went AWESOME. Then they asked if I would come shadow them for a half day to see how we all got along! They had me follow the nurse practitioner on stress test day (It’s a cardiology office). My job, if I accept it, would be to work right with the ARNP in the stress lab. I would be prepping the patients and monitoring their vitals during the test. I had a great day at the office. We all seemed to mesh…it was like I had already worked their for months! The days were perfect…I would be able to adjust my days at the hospital to accommodate the 3 days they wanted me to work. I immediately called my work to tell them I needed to switch to only weekends…and they agreed!

Of course, because of the holidays and some medicare issues the main doctor in the practice is not sure about hiring someone else. We wanted to wait a little bit to see how things played out with medicare. Last week she informed me that the medicare changes have been put off another year so all is good there and that after the holidays I should be able to start! Of course, I really need it right now but am so happy that it looks promising for next year!

I am keeping the weekend schedule for now with the hopes of this job coming through in January!

Prayers welcome!!!


It’s Jury Duty for you Ms. Thang…

The courthouse I spent my day at...

It all started a couple weeks ago..My day started fine, went well throughout the day UNTIL I checked my mail! WTH?!?!?! I had been summoned to serve as a juror! I have been “eligible” for this for the last 17 years…but NEVER been called to this duty before now! What I move to a new county and they are on the ball! I grew up in the same county since I was 10 and didn’t leave there till almost 2 years ago!

I woke up at 6:30am…wanted to leave my house at 7am…NOT! This was not going to happen and to make matters worse…It was 38 degrees outside AND I live in SOUTH FLORIDA…This is NOT supposed to happen! What the heck was I going to wear…I do not have “real” winter clothes and I DEFINITELY do not have a real winter coat…Usually it’s a long sleeve and maybe a hoody at best! So I scamper around my room and find a sweater and some pants I can wear….WAIT I need closed-toe shoes! Like I said I live in South Florida…I own flip flops and then tennis shoes…but they aren’t going to go with the business attire I am to wear! Okay got my “interview” shoes on…I’m ready to head out the door! I was immediately slapped in the face with the frigid wind! Run, not walk back into the house and dig for something I can wear as a jacket! Got it, got my book, got my lunch, got the baby…I was good to go to sit in a room and read all day!

I dropped the baby off and headed to the courthouse! I found it (cause I wasn’t really sure where the place even was!), parked my car and proceeded to find my way to the juror area! I finally got checked in and don’t remember much after that…I was so sleepy and hadn’t had my coffee yet! So about an hour and a half after I was sitting in my chair, I heard my name get called! Time to do my duty…lol!

The view from the 11th floor of the courthouse!

So in the elevator we go up…11 floors! Most of the day we were in the court room, not enjoying the beautiful view! I made it through 2 cuts and was starting to get really nervous! At 4:30pm I was released of my duty!!!!!!!!!!!

That makes something to be very grateful for on this coooooooooold Tuesday! I am ever so grateful that I was not picked to be on the jury. I was happy to participate and even happier to find out that they will not call me back for at least another year….WOOHOO!!!!! That’s right…let me say it again WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Time to go warm up!


Run, Don’t Walk…

Do you ever come home from work and wish you could walk, no run, right back to work! After a weekend of having two of the step-kids, I came home Sunday to a disaster!!!! At the door I am greeted with shoes and shoes and more shoes! Then the living room…toys everywhere and a very sleepy man on the couch. I am greeted by an eager one year old…rushing to his mommy to be picked up and loved on! He is in his PJ’s and appears to be well fed 😉 Next I go into the bathroom to make sure the kids fed the cat….OMG is all I could say (plus a few choice curse words under my breath). One would imagine that both children showered with the curtain open, water and more water lay on the floor, ready to be mopped up by the mom!! And we won’t even discuss the toilet…but anyone that had boys knows what I mean! I come out of the bathroom and turn the corner, heading to the kitchen…And joy overwhelmed my body! Dinner is waiting for me on the counter and the dishes were done!!! Needless to say I was so glad that the last room I entered, before I went to the bedroom to change, was the best room! It made my night! My guy might not have the house spotless when I get home, but the kids are always taken care of, dinner is always done and most days the sink is emptied and the dishwasher loaded! So, all in all I was happy to be home from work 😀

You are CANCELED!!!!!!!!!

I am so thankful to have my job! And I like my job…most days! I love it when it is so busy that your head is in a perpetual spin! Maybe that’s I can function as a mother of eight…lol! BUT I LOVE it when I get that 5am call to be canceled! Especially because our unit has been particularly slow for the time of year…I keep telling the cardiologists to go over to McDonald’s and get us some new customers…but nothing…LMAO

So instead of being at my job today…I will be home with my lil man and get to actually clean after a full day of organizing yesterday! WooHoo!!!!

I love my jobs!!!!

Now serving 45 monitors for ME!!!!!

Earlier this week, I sat at my computer looking at my bank account! The feelings that were coming over me were NOT GOOD!!!! I wanted to cry, actually I think that a swelled up in my eyes. There was not a lot in there and I have bills that are coming up due AND NO JOB!!!!!!!! Depressed didn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling.

I moped around all week…not accomplishing anything around the house. Oh wait, I did take out the garbage ONCE….LOL! After cooking breakfast for Rafael and getting him out the door, I did NOTHING until he got home and it was time to cook dinner. I am not much of a home body…My kids are in school and I now don’t have a job….UGH!

Don’t get me wrong!! I loved it at first. I got ALL SORTS of stuff done around the house. It was perfect timing with my move to a new city and all! I got everything organized, cleaned and so much more!!!!

Well, even though my week started out so roughly….it finally happened today!!!! I got the call!!!! Yes, I got the call!! I have been waiting for Human Resources to call about this job that I was told that I would get…just trying to work out some kinks!

I got the call at 11:50am today!!!!!! AND to top it all off, They offered me a FULL TIME position instead of the per diem one that I was talked to about! ***HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE*** Now imagine me in my PJ’s (yes I told you that I have been depressed this week about not having a job!!!) jumping up and down saying “I GOT THE JOB, YEAH I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!” I made some immediate calls…. to spread the word!!!!!!!

I do feel bad that I did not trust more in the Lord. I tend to give things to God and then take them right back just so I can dwell, worry and get depressed over…. It is something that I struggle with and hoped to grow more in my faith!!!! I pray for that EVERYDAY!!!!

So back to the job thing…. For those of you who haven’t read the previous posts about the position. I took a position for a Tele Services Tech at a local hospital. I will have dual roles, which I love!!!! I thrive in chaos and can’t still when it gets quite!!!! So, I will be a Monitor Tech and then fill in as a Unit Secretary when needed in the schedule. There are 45 beds on the two units and I am hoping that I will be challenged!!!!

I start March 30th…so more on the job details will come after then….


Well the manager to the unit called me last week and informed me that the full-time position was denied! So no benefits with this position! She told me that she was NOW trying to change the position to a Per Diem Tele Services Tech instead of just a Monitor Tech….it would be a higher paying position. This is very frustrating….All this prolonging of stuff may push my start date until March 30th. They only have general orientation every 2 weeks and the longer the process takes the harder it will be to get me in there next week. It is hard to stay positive (about the start date)!!! She told me that once they created a new position that it would have to be on the job board for 3 days before they could offer it to me and that HR has instructions to call me with an offer as soon as it goes through!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!! She also told me that it would be the middle of this week before I would here anything….that probably makes getting a drug test, background check, references check and skills test all before this Monday (when general orientation starts!!!)

So, only God knows…. We will see :~/

Job Update!!!!

So, I called the Nurse Manager at Delray Medical Center that I interviewed with on last Tuesday. I was getting worried…LOL! I had thought the interview went so well and she pretty much gave me the idea that I had the job!

She informed me that she was happy I called!!! The reason that the process has taken so long is that she is trying to create a different position for me on her units. I would be a FULL TIME Tele Services Tech, instead of a per diem Monitor Tech. I would be doing Monitor Tech and Unit Secretary, which is great for me….I can’t stand sitting around at work. I thrive in chaos and need to keep busy!!! She also said that my pay would be greater too…..YIPEE!!!!!! She told me that she had to go through the process of approving and creating the job and that everything should be all set up by this Friday. She said that HR has instructions to call me once the “job” has been created and I should here from them early next week! I will start on March 16th….if I take the job (hehe).

Of course, I still have to go through the normal testing and I have to pass of Arrhythmia interpretation test….But all should be good!!! I am confident!!!!!

So, the next update should be that I got the job…… hopefully coming sooner than later….LOL

Wenkebach or NOT….That is the question!!!!

I am so flustered with studying for this test for the Monitor Tech position! I am a perfectionist and I have to have the exact answer that is the correct answer…the answer that is the textbook answer! I struggled with this when I previously did work as a monitor tech and now EVEN more because it has been 1 year since I have work with interpreting Arrhythmias. UGH!!!!!!!

I had one strip in my book that states it is one thing and I DO NOT see it. I follow the rules that the book provides me and I just don’t see it!!!!! And of course this is probably one that will come up and bite me in the rear?!?!?!?

I wish they had refresher courses!!!!! LOL. And now I am wondering why this job was put into my lap…I am assuming by God. Does he want me to be challenged???? Ugh, I wish I had the answers…..

Confused, Studying and still confused…..

45 monitors and 45 call bells for you!!!!!!!

Well, I had my job interview at Delray Medical Center yesterday and it went AMAZINGLY well!!!! She was talking to me as if I had the job the whole time…She never asked the “typical” interview questions. It was really like I went their just to get the official information about the job and find out my start date! I just went with it!!!!

The unit (if I officially get the job) is IMCU and Heart Hall…So in layman’s terms: It’s a intermediate cardiac unit and a cardiac telemetry unit. There are 45 total beds, therefore 45 peeps to monitor. The catch is….The monitor tech also answers the patient call bells….UGH!!!! I hate answering call bells….You can barely understand the people half the time and sometimes they just like to ring the bell…confused lil people =-) Nah, really the most painful thing about the call bells is that you HAVE to find a person to take care of the problem and hope they actually respond! Otherwise, you get upset patients continuing to call and of course it will be ALL MY FAULT that things haven’t been taken care of yet!!!!!! But, there is a positive…The nurses have locator badges and cordless phones!!!!! I am hoping it is the same for the techs…We will see! The monitor tech sits in the nurses station with everyone else…which is great!!!!! I never particularly liked sitting in a secluded room with 100 monitors…Listening to the dings and bells!!!! I will be the only monitor tech, which is fine for 45 beds!!!! All the units have their own MT’s.

I will be hired as per diem, which kinda stinks… I will be given full time hours but no benefits at this time. She said that they have a position that she would like to put me in, once their is an opening. It is where I would be a monitor tech and unit secretary. She said there would be a pay raise and I would be full time at that point! I need a job, so I am not worried about the no insurance at this point. I have already sent in the applications to get the kids their own coverage, so I would only be waiting for insurance for myself! And I am hoping that once I get my foot in the door it will be easier to get a full time position. The company that owns this hospital has numerous hospitals in South Florida and all over the U.S. actually!

When the Nurse Manager was walking me out, she said that she would contact Human resources and have them start the process to get me in! They have to do a drug test, background check and reference check! I am not worried…I’m just hoping the pay is acceptable. She told me that they would contact me with an offer….So, now I am just waiting!!!

So the waiting begins…….

Canned….What do you mean????

Well, it all starts with getting really sick last week!!!! My symptoms started on Saturday and just got worse…. By Monday, I couldn’t function!!!! I was so stuffed up in my head, coughing, throat raw and swollen. My entire body ached…I couldn’t sleep…It was ROUGH (to put it nicely!!!) I missed work on that Monday….there was absolutely no way I could have drive to and function at work!!! I was taking some allergy, sinus and cough medicine…With not much help!! I needed to sleep, but couldn’t. I couldn’t eat…need to be able to swallow for that sorta thing!!!! I knew that I was not supposed to miss work…no matter what is what I was told!!!! But in the condition I was….it was not an option!!!!! I rested and rested and took lots of medicine =-)

I didn’t feel like I needed to go the doctor…YET! I just thought it was a simple cold…And you don’t need an antibiotic if you just have a cold!! LOL

Tuesday, I did get up and out of bed…even though I still felt like crap!!!! None of the sinus medication was clearing the congestion. My head was clogged and in serious pain!!!! My ears were hurting, my face and my throat! I felt pretty pathetic… Everyone at work couldn’t believe that I came to the office and NO BODY wanted me around…LOL I ended up going home early cause I just was not doing good!!!! Yet, STILL I didn’t think that I needed to go to the doctor…LOL This is what happens to people that work in the Healthcare field…I just didn’t think I was THAT sick…LOL

Wednesday, I woke up and just was not doing good still. I thought to myself that I really needed to go to the doctor. I called my supervisor and told her that I would be in after I went to the doctor and that I would call her after the office opened and I got an appointment time!! I called my doctor’s office at 9am when they opened and unfortunately I could only get a 1:45pm appointment. I called my supervisor and notified her… Well, I guess that was not okay with my office (Quite frankly, seeming how I was leaving next week…I didn’t give a damn!!!!)

I went to the doctor and they informed me that I had a bad double ear infection, a really bad sinus infection and they wanted to rule out strep throat…. UGH!!!!!! They gave me antibiotics, a steroid pack and nasal spray! Well, turns out that I didn’t have strep…Thank Goodness!!!!! I left the doctor’s office thinking….Guess I shoulda went to the doctor sooner?!?!?!?!

Well, my work didn’t even wait to find out what was going on with me…I got a call about 11am from my Human Resources Manager…She was very nice, but I immediately knew what the call was for… She told me that they all wanted me to get better and that they thought that it would be best for EVERYONE if we went ahead and pushed my resignation date up to that day…Effective Immediately!!!! WTF I got fired (kinda) from my job…. They told me that they were really concerned for my health and didn’t want me to rush back to work…yada, yada, yada!!! Whatever, they were only looking out for themselves! Now they don’t have to pay me my PTO time….cause I didn’t put in a full 2 week notice…I was 3 days shy of it! And now cause they canned me I don’t even get the PTO for the day I missed and went home early…So, I only get paid for 1/2 day that I worked during that week. What can I say….

Well, that meant that when I went down to West Palm for Valentine’s Day weekend…I didn’t have to come back to Orlando!!!!! I was excited for that!!!!!