It’s been a crazy ride….

Well, since the roomie went on vaca, I have had a crazy ride!!!! They wireless at the house went out and she’s not here (or even in the country) to call and take care of it. Of course, I don’t even know any of her info to get it done. I tried hooking my laptop right into the wall and it wanted a password to set up the modem….again needed the roomie for that….It was looking sad for me!!!!! Then it dawned on me that I live with the woman that saves EVERYTHING and keeps it ALL very organized….so I went upstairs to her office and the first drawer I opened were these school like folders with labels taped to the outside…on had the name of our phone/dsl….I thought to myself….WooHoo!!!!!!!!! I found the password and hooked my laptop up to the wall. The wireless isn’t working, which does suck being stuck in one place….kinda barbaric… But, hey I have a computer and she will be back in one and half weeks!!!!! There is always a bright side =-D

I have also been sick since Sunday….Running a fever, stuffy, and today all nauseous…..YUCK!!!!! But I did get to come home early from work….See another bright side….LOL

Having a garage sale on this coming up Saturday….Pretty insane but my friend talked me into it. Originally, she was going to have the garage sale and I was going to hang out with her and pass out flyers/business cards for my spa business…Then I figured if I’m gonna be there anyway, might as well get rid of some of my junk =-)

The business is looking hopeful….I have a couple parties coming up. I would like to get to where I am having 2 spas a week and then I will be financial, well just not drowning…LOL. I’m keeping my faith alive and praying constantly!!!!!!

Exhausted now….Off to take a nap…..Till later Jenn


About Eight is Enough ~Jenn~

I am a mother of 3 amazing children and stepmother to 5 great kids. Things at our house can get very interesting when the children are all here...It's crazy and fun and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!! I am lucky enough to have re-united with my first love after 20 years. We are lucky to have found each other and together have 1 child together (making the eighth). Love holds us all together and we amazingly all get along!!!! I work, by day, as a Tele Tech at a local trauma center and by night I have 2 roles! I am a proud Thirty-One Gifts Consultant and a Avon representative as well! Welcome to the ins and outs of our daily lives...sometimes very interesting and other days it is very mundane.... Our motto is "Eight is Enough" and we wouldn't have it any other way....Praise God! View all posts by Eight is Enough ~Jenn~

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